Friday, July 13, 2007

A few miscellaneous things

New at the movies
Or new to me at least, which may tell you how often I get out. At the cinema concession counter we spotted a CinnaBon Cinn-a-Pretzel. It didn't look as good in real life as it does in the picture on the Web site (and I don't think it looks particularly good there). I can only imagine the next sure-fire cinema snack combo: Nachos topped with Milk Duds? Your soda poured directly over the popcorn? A hot dog lovingly layered with Sour Patch and Gummi Worms?

I see that Ocean Spray is having a contest for the ultimate cranberry recipe. When I saw the announcement I could only think of this Brian Regan routine (at about 3:46 in the clip). Slow down, Cran-Man! OK, I do love cranberries, but after watching Regan's routines I can't help laughing at the prospect of the contest even as I wish the entrants well.

State fair watch
I know the summer is only about half over, but I wanted to put everyone on alert: Before you know it, it's going to be state fair season, with all the almost-like-food offerings a tent and some deep fryers can serve up in 95-degree weather. Last year's perverse concept was Deep-Fried Coke (which a friend thought was just a joke I'd made up until someone else mentioned it too). What do you suppose the next big thing will be? Please send me alerts!

Hitting the road
I'm about to travel for 10 days, combining business, pleasure, and the time wasted in airports that can't really be called either. I intend to keep up with the blog while I'm on the road, but there may be significant lags in posting or in publishing comments. Please bear with me.


sally said...

I have a friend from Alabama who is for the most part pretty good about appearing normal. She's even managed to lose most of the dialect. But when I told her last spring about deep fried coke, her eyes lit up and she said, "Deep frahed co-woke?*" It must be a regional thing.

*Say it breathily aloud just as it's spelled above to get the full effect.

excelsior said...

Any ultimate cranberry recipe made in my kitchen BETTER have some vodka in it! And a slice of lime!

helenme2k said...

Has anyone ever heard of deep fried butter? I could never figure out if this was a real thing or not.

Please, deep fried coke? That's just weird. Dr. Peppah would've been bettah.

And what's with the zillion letter word verification I just ended up with? Rhzwwixl sounds like a sneeze. Or an ancient Egyptian god. Or perhaps the ancient Egyptian god of sneezes...