Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Evil Mad Science

This wouldn't normally count as a Recipe of the Damned, because it's not really offered in good faith as a way for people to cook food. But it's still very funny and well worth reading. It's the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories technique for cooking hot dogs via electrocution. In the interests of safety I must reiterate the site's warning: DON'T DO THIS. Just read and wonder.

My husband and I both vaguely remember a 1970s appliance that cooked hot dogs more or less via electrocution, only without the possibly-killing-yourself-and-burning-down-your-house downsides of the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories technique. Do any of you remember that? It was sort of akin to the Presto hamburger cooker, only it was for hot dogs.

Happy Independence Day!


Scott Bateman said...

It's a homemade Presto! Hot Dogger! We had one growing up.

helenme2k said...

See, this kind of machine makes as much sense to me as the automatic ice tea makers. Um, boil water, add tea (or hot dog in this case) is that so hard people?

I'm a blog toddler, someone tell me how to post a link to the ice tea maker website.