Saturday, June 7, 2008

Breakfast Cake

I expect to be able to post a little more in the coming weeks while I am on vacation from work. I have a lot of content wrangling to do, so for now here's a quick link to Breakfast Cake, which I don't think is specifically related to Meat Cake, though I don't know for sure.


sally said...

I suppose it could be good. I mean, it would be savory. It's not like they were putting actual frosting on it or anything.

On the other hand, I've always had an issue with country gravy.

Anonymous said...

I have seen recipes for things like this in community cookbooks, but it's usually just baked as a sheet cake and cut into squares.

I'd try it. But I would drain the sausage well and fry and drain both batches of bacon. I would also replace the sausage gravy with seasoned mashed potatoes thinned with chicken stock. I might replace the Italian sausage with ground turkey or very lean ground beef and adjust the seasoning, and/or use a biscuit recipe instead of Bisquick.

Jenny Islander