Thursday, September 11, 2008

Batter Blaster

A friend points me to Batter Blaster, or pancake batter in a can. You must watch the demo video. I have to admit that when I first heard the jingle, I wondered if this might be a parody by the Apple Sisters, but no, it's sincere. Jump to the Press page: They were on "Regis and Kelly"! (But the video is no longer available. I can't be too sorry; about all I can say in praise of "Regis and Kelly" is that it isn't "Regis and Kathie Lee.")

According to the article that accompanies the now-defunct video, the product is available in the Bay Area, at high-end stores and at Costco. Apparently it was hard to get startup funding, though; the article quotes inventor Sean O'Connor as saying "Try telling someone, 'I have this idea. We're going to put pancakes in a can,' and not have them laugh you out of the room." I would imagine.

OK, the batter is USDA Certified Organic--that's something. The can is entirely recyclable. And apparently the propellant is not suitable for huffing. But this product is clearly targeted at the incompetence market. The article acknowledges this, implying that the product might be a hard sell for people who are capable of making their own pancake batter, and noting the price as an obstacle ($4.99-$5.99 per can). O'Connor counters this by comparing the product to pre-bagged salad, which certainly supports his vision from a marketing perspective but doesn't really refute what the article dubs "its contribution to laziness in American kitchens." My initial thought was, I firmly believe that if you are an otherwise healthy and moderately intelligent adult and you find that making pancake batter is beyond your capabilities, you are just not trying. O'Connor notes that the canned batter would be more suitable for singles and empty-nesters. But for that price you could probably go to a diner.


sally said...

Let's set aside for the moment the fact that I dislike pancakes and I'd prefer my waffles not taste like them. I shall focus instead on the stirrings of pity I felt for the announcer, who was clearly trying so very hard to make rhyming, rickety-tickety text sound like Donne or Shakespeare.

Poor, poor actor, you deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Somebody finally managed to create a product that is even more ridiculous than herb-and-olive-oil-flavored instant pasta side dishes. (I estimate that for about 25 percent of the cost per meal, you can buy a shaker of Italian herbs, a bottle of olive oil, a box of the pasta of your choice, and even a shaker of Parmesan to gild the lily. And your pasta pot won't have dried sauce gunk in it.)

However, I still think that pre-stirred yogurt remains the undisputed champion.

Jenny Islander

sally said...

I tagged you. Come see.