Monday, October 22, 2007

I have not abandoned the blog

But life and work have been very busy, too much so for me to have had time to compose posts. I will be doing some updates within the next week, though, I promise.

Topics may include these:
  • My recent trip to Atlanta, which featured hotel food and the World of Coca-Cola
  • My recent trip up the Hudson Valley to Saugerties and Rhinebeck, NY, and my dilemma: If I tell you about our super-favorite B&B will people overrun it and exhaust the proprietors? Because if we can't get a reservation for next year's festival I will NOT be amused
  • Some thoughts about what a pain in the ass it is to try to eat reasonably when you have NO TIME AT ALL to cook
  • And assorted whining

So hang in there. I have by no means exhausted the depths of the damnation.


sally said...

...what a pain in the ass it is to try to eat reasonably when you have NO TIME AT ALL to cook

Hello, and welcome to my world. Also on the agenda? Laundry.

helenme2k said...

I love "The World of Coca-Cola" it's one of my favorite places!!! Did they still have the cool machines that spit the drinks into your cup?? I also love that no matter what type of drink you ask for in Atlanta you'll usually get a coke or a coke product. Well, except for the tea, which is sweet and yummy--though I know people who hate sweet tea and had a rude surprise when they ordered tea. Of course since they are about to run out of water there I suspect getting anything to drink will become a challenge.

Sally--I feel your laundry pain. I let it stack up. Then it takes forever, then I grumble and swear I'll never let it stack up again...then I let it stack up again...wash...rinse...repeat.

sally said...


The chaos it is taking over my world. We actually pay someone to come in and clean, and she's now having to work around the piles I'm leaving because I don't have time to pick up after myself at all.

(I have promised her that will change shortly. I am hoping desperately that was not a lie.)