Monday, September 3, 2007

From the maker of Deep Fried Coke

The new state fair offering is deep fried cookie dough, the winner of this year's Big Tex Choice Awards. The contest invites fair concessionaires to come up with a new offering; deep frying is a popular technique, since it makes for fast preparation and satisfies fairgoers' desire to indulge.

I'm more curious about the deep-fried lattes, mentioned later in the story, which won Most Creative.


helenme2k said...

I want to try the deep fried latte!!! I looked for deep fried snickers bars at the Puyallup last year but couldn't find them. The deep fried thing I'm most afraid of is pickles. That just sounds nasty. Sadly, with the banning of trans fats I'm finding that most fried foods don't taste the same. If you outlaw lard only outlaws will have lard.

Amy Stephenson said...

Next time you're in New York we'll go to A Salt and Battery and try the deep-fried Mars bar. And then we'll go get angioplasty.

Scott Bateman said...

I stubbed my toe, so I can't have a deep-fried latte.

helenme2k said...

umm, I had a near fatal spork accident so I can't have tuna.

Amy--I'll probably be there in December so it's a plan. I also want to go to the PBJ place. And the french fry place. And I have to visit the new shoe floor at Sak's 'cause it is so big it has its own zip code!!!Hmm, sounds like it's going to be another shopping and eating trip. Hooray!!!